We’ll come to you

Gundersen Envision speakers will travel to your event, whether large or small, to help make it a great success. These highly qualified, experienced presenters are available to speak on a variety of topics, including:

Energy efficiency improvement (especially healthcare facilities)

    • Base lining and benchmarking facility performance
    • Lean “kaizen” events to launch an energy management program
    • Common sources of energy waste
    • Validating improvements with measurement systems

Renewable energy project development (from an “owner’s” perspective)

    • Best technology choices for a particular geography (i.e. wind, solar, biogas, biomass, geoexchange, hydro, etc.)
    • Site selection tradeoffs
    • Feedstock considerations
    • Permitting challenges
    • Available Incentives
    • Financial business case development and modeling
    • Contract considerations for equipment supply, construction, and operation
    • Operations and maintenance considerations

Project case studies

    • Commercial wind projects
    • Landfill biogas combined heat and power project
    • Dairy manure anaerobic digester projects
    • Biomass (woodchip) boiler with backpressure steam turbine (co-generation)
    • Geoexchange (ground source) heat pump
    • Heat recovery chiller
    • Solar hot water systems
    • Solar photovoltaic system

For more information and to schedule a speaker, email envision@gundersenhealth.org or call toll-free (855) 669-1653.

See a list of our speakers and their speaking history at www.gundersenenvision.org.


Care Beyond Our Walls: Reducing Hospital Energy Costs and More

Mark Platt, senior vice president of Business Services at Gundersen Health System, spoke at 3M’s first Sustainability in Healthcare Summit. To hear Mark’s presentation, follow this link to log in (free) and choose chapter: “Care Beyond Our Walls: Reducing Hospital Energy Costs and More.”

Envision can help you with building design, renewable energy development, energy efficiency projects, and can perform an energy check-up on current facilities. In addition, Envision’s highly qualified, experienced speakers can come to your facility or event to present on a variety of topics. Email envision@gundersenhealth.org for more information.



Gundersen wins Loyola University excellence award


John Caltagirone, director, Loyola University Quinlan School of Business Supply and Value Chain Center
Mark Platt, senior vice president, Business Services, Gundersen Health System

Gundersen recently received a 2015 Excellence Award from the Loyola (Chicago) University Quinlan School of Business Supply and Value Chain Center (SVCC) for achieving energy independence. Mark Platt, senior vice president, Business Services, accepted the award on behalf of Gundersen. The award was presented in Chicago during the SVCC’s fourth annual Supply Chain and Sustainability Summit. It’s the first time the SVCC has presented awards for excellence.

Gundersen Health System’s Envision program can show you how developing or enhancing a portfolio of sustainability projects can help lower costs while improving the health of the communities you serve. Tell me more.

More about the summit.

Gundersen Health System among 50 of the greenest


According to Becker’s Hospital Review, Gundersen Health System is one of “50 of the Greenest Hospitals in America.”  

Becker’s recently published 2015 list features hospitals that are leading the industry in sustainable innovation, ecofriendly design and green improvements. These hospitals have won awards and earned prestige for their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

Becker’s review team conducted research and analyzed sustainability information from sources such as Practice Greenhealth, Healthier Hospitals Initiative, U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program and the Environmental Protection Agency, among others.

In 2008, Gundersen began making efforts toward improving efficiency and developing regional partnerships to produce renewable energy. By 2014, Gundersen became the first hospital system in the nation to achieve energy independence by producing more energy than it consumed in fossil fuels. Gundersen has multiple LEED-certified facilities, as well as construction recycling and reuse rates of more than 93 percent. Gundersen is a Practice Greenhealth Top 25 Environmental Excellence Award honoree and a member of Practice Greenhealth’s Circles of Excellence for leadership, waste reduction, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission tracking.

Read the press release.

Find out more about Gundersen’s energy program, Envision.

Envision can help with building design

New Hospital const misc 20130619 17

Gundersen Health System’s new hospital

When building new or remodeling existing space, sustainability opportunities exist in everything from energy efficiency and using renewable energy to building with environmentally friendly materials to recycling construction waste.

Being thoughtful from the start of design can help prevent past environmental practices from showing up in your new facility. In fact, 75 percent of a building’s life-cycle costs are committed in the design phase, so it is important to get it right the first time.

How can Gundersen Envision help you?

We can help you find the hidden sustainability opportunities that exist when designing a new building or remodeling.

Why is Gundersen Envision qualified to help you?

Gundersen Health System recently completed several major building projects on our main campus, including a new hospital. Some of our notable achievements in building design include:

  • Energy efficiency in the top 1 percent for hospitals in the Midwest.
  • Construction recycling and reuse rates exceeding 93 percent.
  • Multiple LEED-certified facilities.
  • Use of internal standards for energy efficient design on a variety of new construction and renovation project.
  • Experience with benchmarking facility performance.

More about building design

Contact Envision at envision@gundersenhealth.org for more information.

Go Green at Work

usa - green environment concept

These are just a few things you can do at work that add up and make a difference. Find other ways at gundersenenvision.org.

  • Do you really need to print that document? If so print double-sided when possible
  • Use natural light when available – window shades up, lights off
  • Abandon elevators – burn calories not energy by taking the stairs instead
  • No more disposables – bring your own water bottle, plates, cups, and silverware for your meals
  • Practice using less paper towels and napkins
  • Power down your computer before leaving for the day
  • Know where your recycling options are
    –  paper
    –  plastic
    –  cans
    –  glass
    –  batteries
  • Join a carpool

Nurse champions in environmental sustainability

All healthcare employees have a role to play in supporting initiatives within their organization to become more environmentally responsible and reduce the impact of climate change. Nurses are emerging as vital leaders in healthcare sustainability and are playing an especially important role in addressing climate change and related health issues.

Gundersen Health System’s (GHS) nursing department received one of  two-$10,000 grants awarded by Health Care Without Harm to design and develop programs to help empower its nurses and support their sustainability leadership efforts. Surgical & Digestive Care Unit Nurse Phoebe Breed played a key role in implementing Gundersen’s nursing initiative. “The question we started asking was, ‘what are the things that they’re doing every day that they don’t even realize is contributing to sustainability?’ ” Breed stated.

Gundersen’s nursing leadership program streamlines sustainability education by using existing educational frameworks. Breed said, “Using the preexisting framework as the foundation for this program really resonated with our staff because it was something that was already familiar to them. We identified and implemented resources that already worked with our culture as a communication framework.”

Read the complete story.

Find out more about Gundersen’s environmental program, Envision.