Reduce energy consumption using LED lighting


The photo on the left shows a standard exit sign with an incandescent lamp for illumination. The photo on the right shows an exit sign which utilizes light emitting diodes (L.E.D.). LED lighting has more efficient luminescence than incandescent or fluorescent lamps and can be used to reduce energy consumption. LED lights were first used in the 1960s on electronics equipment and most people are familiar with the little red indicator lamps indicating that power is “on”. They are more robust, smaller, and have a longer life than other lighting. In addition, LED lights can be dimmed to produce the proper amount of light when it is needed. They also direct light in a more focused manner which reduces light pollution in outdoor applications such as parking lots. LEDs can cover a wide range of the color spectrum. 

However, LEDs are not yet for every application. For many applications, purchase prices tend to be significantly higher than other lighting solutions and heat management is also a challenge. As prices reduce over time, LED lighting will become a more common solution for interior illumination. Today, LEDs provide some advantages for exit signs, outdoor lighting, and task lighting. This may be a technology you will want to explore as you consider energy efficiency opportunities.

Learn about other energy savings opportunities at the Envision® Energy Conservation seminar, September 10-12, 2013. 


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