Triple bottom line … one step further


The triple bottom line is one of the core aspects of sustainability. The diagram above shows people, profit and planet all at an equal distribution. This is because all three aspects are highly important and one is no greater than the other. These three aspects also blend with one another because in order to create a balanced world, all three need to be in sync. At Gundersen Health System we use the triple bottom as a guide for incorporating sustainability into the organization. However we have taken the triple bottom line a step further. We believe that the triple bottom line should include spiritual/core values. Why? Spirituality and core values provide us with ongoing inspiration to aspire towards excellence.

What are our values at Gundersen Health System? Our values are integrity, excellence, respect, innovation and compassion. These values inspire us to achieve our mission and vision to be a health system of excellence. These values inspire us to use sustainability as a tool to keep the triple bottom line in sync and create a better community for everyone. Any organization has the ability and potential to incorporate their own values into the triple bottom line to successfully achieve their organizations mission. All it takes is just a little push to go one step further!


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