Why you should take the stairs


Taking the elevator every day is easy and requires hardly any energy…at least not on your behalf. However, taking the elevator should not become part of your everyday routine, especially if you are capable of taking the stairs. Not someone who exercises regularly? That is perfectly fine! To start, try incorporating the stairs into your daily routine at least once a day, or possibly twice a week to start and then progressively start to use them more often. What are some of the benefits you will notice once you start taking the stairs?

  • Taking the stairs challenges your muscles. Over time you will begin to notice your legs becoming more toned and your leg muscles increasing in strength.
  • The small steps add up! Taking the stairs everyday will help to improve your overall health.
  • Taking the stairs is good for your heart! It will help lower bad Cholesterol and increase “good” cholesterol.
  • There is no cost and you can take the stairs as often as you like.
  • You could be a positive example for your coworkers, family members and even your friends.
  • Reduce stress and tension and build up your energy.

How can you make this possible? Start to slowly incorporate stairs into your daily routine—make it become a natural part of your day. If you want to inspire others to take the stairs with you, advocate getting signs put up between the stairs and the elevators (otherwise known as the decision point or the place where you decide which to take). Use the signs to encourage people to take the stairs or inform them of the health benefits. If you are trying to get the most out of your stair workout, remember to take the stairs one step at a time because it will burn more calories than if you were to skip steps. Not only will taking the stairs provide you with health benefits, but you will also be saving energy by not taking the elevator. Although the energy saved will be minimal, if everyone were to take the stairs it would make a huge impact on energy savings. So make a positive impact in your life and try the stairs!


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