Do you know why it feels cool in a forest?


Do you know why it feels cool when you walk into a forest? Was your first thought because it is shady? If it is, you are partially correct. Forests usually feel cooler because trees intercept rainfall and retain water throughout their entire body (stump, branches, and leaf surface). This not only helps the tree last longer without water, but it also helps prevent runoff. How else do trees prevent runoff? First trees grow deep root systems and they also produce organic matter (fallen leaves or pine needles, and branches), which helps create an infiltration system for surface water to go through, instead of surface water turning into runoff and destroying the nearby soil. Trees also recycle rainfall back into the air through evaporation. Aside from runoff prevention, trees also absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and give off oxygen for us to breathe. So more trees equals less CO2 in our atmosphere. Overall trees play a large role in runoff prevention and air quality. Without trees most of the soil today would most likely be nonexistent. Today there is a huge concern over deforestation. Trees are needed for building purposes, paper and more. But they are also necessary for the environment, and without them, areas will suffer greatly. So do your part and get your organization to raise funds to plant trees or if you have the space, plant a tree in your own yard! Next time you walk through a forest, pay attention to the little details on trees, and gain an appreciation for the many benefits our earth receives from them. 


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