Rusty hulks of the past?


This photo shows a rusty, wind-powered water pump near West Salem, Wisconsin. Many thousands of these machines were built in the early part of the 20th century and used to fill water tanks for livestock and other agricultural applications. The wind did not need to blow all of the time to ensure that the tanks would remain filled and they could be placed in areas that were remote and without the possibility for electricity powered pumps. Some of these machines continue to operate today but most are rusty hulks of the past. A few are being transformed into decorative ornaments.

What if we could utilize this simple technology to generate small amounts of electricity for every residence in the country? Since wind is an intermittent resource, it would not offset your entire electricity bill but it could be a simple supplemental source power if converted from a water pumping function to one that is retrofitted with an armature to create electricity. Small wind applications exist and can be a non-intrusive method for producing a substantial amount of power for homes and small businesses. The key is to make our wind resource affordable and accessible to the public through common means.

Visit Envision’s website to learn more about renewable energy. Envision also offers seminars on renewable energy, energy conservation, and sustainability management.


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