Glass jars vs. cans


When you go to the grocery store in the off season, do you buy your fruits and vegetables in glass jars or do you buy it all in cans? Buying fruits and veggies in cans is cheaper than buying them in glass jars, however buying canned food does have more of a slight risk. Why? Epoxy resin is used to line the inside of some metal products such as canned foods. The epoxy resin contains bisphenol A (BPA) which is a chemical used to make plastics. It is used so commonly because it is tough and long lasting. However, studies have shown that BPA can seep into foods at low levels. The food and drug administration (FDA) states that BPA is safe to consume at low levels, however many people are still concerned because there are many side effects from consuming BPA.

What can you do to avoid consuming BPA? If possible, buy your fruits, vegetables and sauces in glass jars because they aren’t lined with Epoxy resin or can your own fruits and vegetables in glass jars to save money throughout the year. Also, look for BPA free items such as BPA free plastic water bottles and storage containers. They can be found almost everywhere. If you prefer to buy your food items in cans, avoid eating items from cans more than once a day, or even try to limit yourself to eating food from cans to a couple times a week. The best thing you can do for your body however is eating food that is fresh and not prepackaged at all. This of course is not possible for everyone. If you are concerned about BPA, do your research and pay attention to the labeling on the plastic items and canned products you are purchasing.

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