Wrap your gifts in “Green” this holiday season


Think green before you buy gift wrapping paper for the upcoming holidays. Start saving newspapers, magazines, and other recyclable paper. The photos above are gifts wrapped in newspaper that was saved. Bows and trinkets were added to turn them into something unique. Not only would you be saving money by avoiding the purchase of wrapping paper, but you would be doing the environment a favor.

Wrapping your gifts in recycled paper is not the only way you can go green during the holidays. Consider giving your friends and family homemade gifts, or keep leftover jars and boxes throughout the year as another alternative to gift packaging. Not only is this something that you can do during the holidays, but it is a practice you can use for birthday gifts, retirement gifts, and so much more. 

Gundersen Health System recycled up to 460 tons of paper and cardboard in 2012. We are making continuous efforts to find ways to reduce the amount of paper we purchase in the first place, and recycle anything that happens to be leftover. Any organization can start a paper recycling or reuse program. Whether you work for a large organization or you are an individual looking for ways to be a good steward of the environment, remember that anything helps no matter how small — just like the example shown above.


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