Improving efficiency of biomass fuels


The photo on the left shows the economizer on the cyclonic separator (multi-cyclone) unit on Gundersen Health System’s new biomass boiler. The cyclonic separator removes partially combusted ash from the flue gas before it goes to the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and boiler stack. The photo on the right shows the blower unit that sends the flue gas after the multi-cyclone to the ESP. The multi-cyclone unit has two benefits for the boiler system. First, the ash is removed and does not reach the outside atmosphere where it could create unwanted particulate emissions. Second, the partially combusted ash is “reused” and sent back to the combustion chamber in the boiler to complete its combustion, which results in less fuel being used for the purpose of heating. This improves the efficiency of the boiler thus the name “economizer”.

Emissions systems such as cyclonic separators and economizers greatly improve the emissions and efficiency of biomass fuels used for heating.

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