Wood chip fuel delivery


The photo on the left shows the first truckload of wood chip fuel for Gundersen Health System’s new biomass boiler. Each truckload holds between 20 and 25 tons of wood chips. Gundersen’s hospital requires steam all year to heat buildings, serve its onsite laundry, reheat air in its air-conditioning systems, sterilize medical equipment, cook food, and clean dishes. During hot summer days, the boiler will require one truckload of fuel and during cold winter days it will require 3 truckloads. The fuel is clean, hardwood chips from lumber and sawmill operations in the local region. It is a clean, organic source that is renewable.

The trailers have a “walking floor” bottom that pushes the wood chips into a receiving pit on the far left of the photo. In addition to the receiving pits, there is a floor storage area for any extra fuel that may be needed for an extended weekend or holiday. The photo on the right shows steel push plates that protect the concrete wall of the storage facility when front end loaders are used to move the fuel in that location.

Learn more about renewable energy, energy conservation, and sustainability management by attending one or all of our seminars. Visit http://www.gundersenenvision.org/educational-programs for more information.


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