Make a difference: Recycle your paper


Recycling paper is a great way to help the environment. The picture on the left is a recycling bin for paper located directly under an employee’s desk at Gundersen Health System. The close proximity of this bin makes it easier to recycle paper without the employee having to go out of their way. The picture on the right is a large recycling bin located within a department – close enough so employees can easily empty their recycling bins under their desk at the end of the day. These large recycling bins are found throughout the Health System. Simple and easy to reach placements for recycling bins is part of the reason Gundersen was able to recycle up to 460 tons of paper and cardboard in 2012. 

Gundersen has recently expanded its efforts to recycle more than just paper and cardboard. The organization also recycles plastic, metal, blue wrap, batteries, and waste leftover from construction. Small efforts, such as recycling paper, can easily be achieved by any organization or individual ready and willing to make a difference. If you are an individual or business owner who is weary of recycling due to costs or the extra effort required, consider “reducing” the amount of waste that is created in the first place and then go from there!

For more information on recycling and other sustainable practices, visit the Envision website at


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