Consider a green daycation


Planning a family vacation for next summer, or maybe just a weekend getaway for you? If you are, keep in mind it doesn’t have to be overseas or out of state. It could be a vacation in the state you live in, or even in the nearby towns. It doesn’t need to be long either. The term “daycation” is becoming more popular. It’s when you take a vacation for a whole day, like to a state park or a nearby destination and return that same evening. Vacationing nearby not only saves you money, but it could be healthy for you as well. How? Consider planning a vacation where you and your family bike to nearby towns for a few days. Biking to your destination would not only benefit you physically, but it would also decrease your carbon footprint. This could also give you a good chance to bond with your family, or simply enjoy the outdoors.

In La Crosse, we have the River State Trail. It is a path that gives bikers access to nearby communitites and beautiful trails along the Mississippi River. Many families can utilize this trail to travel to different cities for the weekend that are close by. Biking isn’t the only “environmentall safe” way to travel. You could also take a canoe trip, take the train or even go on a hiking trip and hike from city to city. The possibilities are endless, so take a chance and decrease your carbon footprint by exploring a new alternative way to travel.

Learn more about reducing your carbon footprint. Visit



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