Utilizing solar lighting at home


Are you one of those people who is interested in solar lights but turned away by the price? Solar lights don’t have to be expensive, and if you are looking for ways to save money, solar lights may be perfect for you. As technology improves with solar, so does the price. Today, you can go to almost any large department store and find solar lights for the garden and patio without spending a fortune. They are easy to install because they require no wiring or switches; you can simply place them in the garden, and during the day they will store sunlight in a battery. Most solar lights have a darkness sensor so they turn on independently at night. The amount of time that the light lasts depends on the size you decide to purchase. However, the bigger the light, the more expensive it will be. Several small lights have the capability of providing a lot of light, so make sure to consider the options.

One of the ways we use solar at Gundersen Health System is through our solar panels installed on the parking ramp in front of the hospital. These solar panels were installed in 2008 and provide energy to the parking ramp. Overall they provide enough energy to power two to three homes. Our effort to utilize solar energy is large scale, however small efforts can also make a big difference, especially if taken on by a lot of people. So next time you shop for garden lights, consider going solar!

Envision® can help you with renewable energy projects! Find out more at www.gundersenenvision.org.



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