Buy fresh: Shop your local farmers market


Have you ever been to a farmers market? If you haven’t, it is worth going. There are many people who have the pre-conceived notion that because the items sold at a farmers market are fresh, they will be expensive. However, farmers markets are usually not expensive at all and in most cases they sell vegetables and fruits cheaper than at a grocery store. Why? Because the items sold at a farmers market are grown and produced by local farmers, so the food doesn’t have to travel as far, thus eliminating large travel expenses. Other benefits of going to a farmers market include
• Getting to know local farmers and how they grow their food
• Supporting your local community
• Getting fresh-picked food
• Finding a large variety and quantity of fruits and vegetables not found at a grocery store
• More than just vegetables (many farmers markets also sell flowers, herbs, dairy, and meat)

At Gundersen Health System we believe that a healthy diet supports a healthy lifestyle, which is why you will find locally sourced food items in our cafeteria such as cottage cheese, yogurt, coffee, and beef. Our Chef, Thomas Sacksteder Certified Executive Chef (C.E.C), visits local schools and teaches young students about seasonal vegetables and fruits, how to prepare them, and why it’s important to buy local. So not only is buying local something we support at Gundersen Health System, but it is also something we teach.

Interested in learning more about sustainable foods at Gundersen Health System? Check out this link to our Envision website: Sustainable Foods


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