Feeling stressed? Let nature help


Feeling stressed at work, school or home? Try going outside and reconnecting with nature. Why? Busy urban environments make it hard for people to focus, which can cause fatigue and irritability. Going into nature allows the brain to rest and take a break from the busy environment. Studies have also shown that simply having a window in your office overlooking a green space can help decrease stress and increase job satisfaction. Today many cities are creating green spaces for people to enjoy nature. In La Crosse we have many parks and walking . At both the Onalaska and La Crosse campuses we have walking trails close enough to the facilities allowing employees to take a break from work and refocus (as pictured above).

The next time you are feeling stressed or tired, try taking a break by going outside. Or perhaps for your next family vacation, go to a national park or forest to reconnect with nature. Not only is our natural environment one that provides us with resources, but it is also our home so do your part and support the movement for more green spaces.


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