Save energy, save money


When warm weather rolls around it’s time to open the windows and screen doors to get some fresh air into the house. This isn’t bad because in many cases fresh air is just the thing people need to get energized. But be careful, many people forget to turn off their air conditioning when they open the windows. Doing this makes the air conditioning system work harder because not only is it trying to cool the inside of the house, it is also trying to cool the outside. The next time you plan on opening that window or door, remember to turn off your air conditioning. It will make a big difference on your energy bill.

Gundersen Health System installed revolving doors in the lobby entrances to prevent large amounts of cool or warm air from getting out of the building. The next time you have the choice to use a revolving door or regular door, choose the revolving door. Any organization or individual can take action to conserve energy, so start today and help not only the environment, but also your wallet!


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