Beat the heat: Make your own car windshield shade






During the summer months the inside of vehicles heat up fast, especially if they are sitting outside in the sun all day. Many people avoid this issue by purchasing car shades for their windshields. However, instead of purchasing a car shade, make your own! Making your car shield is easy to do and requires minimal material. So how do you make your own car shade? First make sure you have newspaper or any type of paper and tape it together so that it fits over your windshield. Using a marker or pen, trace your windshield onto the paper and then cut out the windshield pattern. Transfer the template over to a big piece of cardboard. Using a utility knife cut out the shape of the windshield on the cardboard. Add about six inches to one side though to allow you to fold your car shade like an accordion. Next, hold your car shade up to your windshield and cut out where the rear view mirror is so that you can fit the car shade behind it. Once you know your car shade will fit, draw five vertical lines evenly spaced on the cardboard. Fold the cardboard along the lines to make the accordion shape. You can even paint your car shade to add some pizzazz!

At Gundersen we believe that recycling and reusing products is very important. Even the smallest recycling project can make a big difference. Interested in learning how Gundersen reuses and recycles materials? Check out our website at Better yet, attend our Sustainability Management seminar.


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