Is it time to clean off your book shelves?


Do you have books sitting around your house that you will never use again? Instead of throwing them away, donate them! Why? By donating books you are eliminating waste that could end up in the landfill. Someone else out there could also benefit from the books you own. So where can you donate books? One place you can donate books is the public library, however they prefer not to take text books, readers digest condensed books, and National Geographic magazines because there is not a high demand for them. If the library doesn’t need your books, they give them to groups that sell books for donations. So either way your book donation will go to a good cause.

The Goodwill and the Salvation Army accept book donations. You can also donate books to soldiers. Find out how through an online search.

There are many different ways to donate books. So do your research and find a cause you care about and donate your books. Not only will you benefit someone else, but you will also be benefiting the environment.


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