Learn how to integrate sustainable practices into your organzation

sustainability series seminars 1 renewablegirl with plant  

Interested in learning how to integrate sustainability into your organization? Check out our sustainability series seminars! We have three seminars coming up this Fall: Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy Project Development, and Sustainability Management. 

Energy Conservation – September 9-11

  • energy audits
  • measuring energy costs
  • energy conservation projects (including geothermal and cooling systems)
  • lighting solutions
  • building a business case, and much more

Download course brochure

Renewable Energy Project Development – October 23-25

  • renewable resource characteristics
  • enhancing with partnerships
  • contract strategy and legal considerations
  • building a business case
  • government partnerships, and much more 

Download course brochure

Sustainability Management – October 14-16

  • recycling
  • sustainable design practices
  • action planning
  • building a business case
  • control plans and scorecards, and much more

Download course brochure

These seminars also include tours of energy projects on the Gundersen Health System campuses.

Who should attend our seminars?

  • Sustainability directors/coordinators
  • Project managers
  • Plant and facility engineers


Why should you attend our seminars?

Our Envision program has set the standard for renewable energy projects in healthcare. We know exactly what large organizations need and we are ready and willing to get your organization started on the path toward sustainability. Now is the time to start making change, so wait no longer and sign up for our sustainability series seminars! http://www.gundersenenvision.org/educational-programs


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