About Envision

Gundersen Health System’s environmental program, Envision®, is a model for healthcare providers nationwide. We have developed a portfolio of innovative “green” energy projects designed to lower costs and lead the industry in environmental stewardship.

With U.S. hospitals spending more than $5 billion on energy costs annually, finding solutions to rising energy costs has become critically important. Gundersen is proving there are sustainable approaches to energy utilization that go hand-in-hand with solid financial business decisions.

We have developed our own energy infrastructure, using equipment owned by the health system, instead of purchasing renewable power at premium rates. This is a demonstration of our commitment to lowering the cost of healthcare for the people and businesses that pay for it, while also doing what we can for the environment.

Our first day of energy independence was October 14, 2014, when we became the first health system in the nation to produce more energy than we used. Our specific sustainability plans turn good intentions and “green” theory into action, and we can show you how.

gundersenenvision.org | 1900 South Ave., La Crosse, WI 54601 | (608) 775-0880


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